Heaven's Productions has the equipment to turn audio ideas into physical reality. From drums to keyboards to microphones to audio software, the gear at Heaven's Productions is available for both studio recording and live shows.


The current studio rate, with producer/engineer/multi-instrumentalist is $50/hr. Bulk rates are also available and all rates are subject to change without notice. Contact Heaven's Productions for gear rental rates.
Neumann TLM-103 microphone with reflection filter
A wide variety of guitars and basses, including 12-string acoustic, Les Paul and Stratocaster guitars, Fender P-bass and Warwick 5-string basses …
Mac-based, Marshall JCM 900 half-stack, Event Studio Precision 8 monitors
Peavey Max 450 bass amp with 15” Black Widow, ProTools HD2 rig with 192 A/D interface and numerous plug-ins, Universal Audio 2-610 tube pre-amp …
Midi-capable keyboard.
9-piece DW drum set with Zildjian, Sabian, etc cymbals
Roland TDW-20 V-drums with MIDI, Ableton … Fender Blues Junior and acoustic guitar amp in background.
guitar and bass pedals, including chorus, compressor/sustainer, digital delay, wah-wah, tube screamer …
JBL 15” EON PA, Peavey 10” electric guitar amp, Fender Blues Junior and acoustic guitar amp in background.
Upright piano.